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Business Insurance

Protecting your corporate interests in the event of illness, injury or death

Why you need business insurance

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Running a business comes with risk.

Especially if a key person on your team—whether it’s you, a business owner, partner or executive—on your team is unable to work due to a serious accident, illness, or even death.

Bennett Insurance can help safeguard your business interests through corporate succession planning—ensuring you and your business are covered when the unexpected occurs.

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Bennett Insurance specializes in:

Corporate life insurance

Key person life insurance
Protects your business from financial loss if a “key person” in your corporation dies.

Buy-sell life insurance agreements

A buy-sell clause is an important part of any shareholders agreement and is typically drafted by a lawyer. Bennett Insurance can assist by designing a life insurance policy, the proceeds of which may then be used to fund the share buy-back of the deceased’s interest in the corporation.

Estate-freeze solutions
Tax-planning techniques that enable business owners to defer taxes while they still own and run a business—by transferring growing wealth in your company to future generations.

Corporate disability insurance

Corporately owned disability coverage
Individual disability or critical illness contracts that are structured so they are tax deductible to the corporation.

Disability buy-sell plans
If a business owner becomes disabled, this plan provides funds to facilitate buy-sell agreements. Funds can be received on a tax-free basis.

Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance (GSI)


“Bennett Insurance helps safeguard your business interests when the unexpected occurs.”

Provides customized individual disability coverage to complement group disability coverage for a specified group of employees. Provides a portion of disability premiums, while securing a base level of insurance.

Benefits of Business Insurance

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Protect Your Business

Protect your corporate interests by enabling the buy-back of shares and covering income loss when a key person is unable to work.

Key People Protection

Help cover valued employees (“key people”) in the event of illness, injury or death.

Keep Business Running

Keep your business up and running even in the event of a business partner’s death, helping to secure the futures of your employees.


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