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What’s the difference between Bennett Insurance and other insurance brokers in Ottawa?

There are a couple key differences.

  • We are specialists in insurance. We do this day-in and day-out. We are not “jack-of-all-trade” advisors who dabble in the occasional insurance product. Insurance is our life. In fact, each of our advisors has at least 15 years of expertise in the industry. Plus, our family history has 100 years’ worth of deep roots in insurance!
  • We have been around a long time, and not just in Ottawa! Bennett Insurance was created in the mid-1970s and has established many long-term relationships with clients in Ottawa, across Ontario and several other provinces since then.
Do you only set up insurance/benefit plans? Who can I turn to if I have questions after signing the papers?

You can always turn to us! Our advisors do everything—from helping to determine your insurance or benefit needs, to finding the right products for you, to implementing your plan, to explaining the terms of the contract before you accept it…and assisting with any concerns or questions you may have after the papers are signed.

In other words, we are still here for you after you’ve decided to partner with us. Just give us a call. We are here for you anytime.

Do you offer car or home insurance?

No. We specialize in human “heartbeat” insurance: that is, if it’s related to a human heartbeat, we sell it. In other words, we provide products and services related to health and wellbeing—including (but not limited to) health and dental benefits, life and disability insurance, group retirement programs, etc. But it never hurts to ask – if you have any questions about the products or services we offer feel free to contact our office.

Which insurance carriers do you work with?

We work with all major insurance underwriting companies in Canada including (in alphabetical order): Assumption Life, Best Doctors, Blue Cross, Canada Life, Cigna, Desjardins, Empire Life, ENCON, Equitable Life, Great-West Life, Green Shield, Industrial Alliance, LifeWorks, London Life, Manulife, RBC, Shepell FGI, SSQ, Sun Life, CFIB (Sun Life), and Sutton Insurance. We also work with a few smaller underwriting companies.

Why should I work with Bennett instead of working directly with a major insurance carrier?

In a word? Choice. As a broker and advisor, Bennett Insurance provides you a greater range of solutions to choose from as we are not restricted to any one insurance carrier. This means you get an open point of view, and a solution that is tailored to fit your needs. And if new products or legislation arise that may affect your coverage, we will proactively reach out to you.

We also have long-standing relationships with all the major insurance companies, so we know the right questions to ask when we’re dealing the carrier them on your behalf—making the entire insurance process simple for you!

What if I only know I need insurance, but don’t know what type of insurance I need?

We don’t expect you to be an expert—that’s our job. So let’s talk. Our advisors will work with you to help determine your specific insurance needs, and recommend a solution (or range of solutions) to address those needs. We also believe an educated client is a happy client, so we always make a point of helping you understand your coverage.

Honesty, integrity, and educating clients