An illness of the mind is an illness of the body, and vice versa.

– Madrianne Arvore

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We respect your privacy

At Bennett Insurance Agency Limited, we recognize and respect every individual’s and every company’s right to privacy. Whether we are providing group or individual insurance or other financial products, we consider all our correspondence as confidential and never reveal any aspect of our clients’ operations, aspirations or policy details.

When personal information is provided to Bennett Insurance Agency Limited, either electronically or by any means, it is used only to administer individual insurance products, group benefits, retirement or pension plans and not for any other purpose. We create an individual, confidential file that we keep in our offices or the offices of an organization authorized by Bennett Insurance. Only our staff and our trusted partners see your information—and we limit access only to those individuals who need your information to perform their professional duties, to persons to whom you have granted access and to persons authorized by law.

Our policy on the privacy of e-mail and other electronic documents

When Bennett Insurance forwards the contents of any emails and attachments to other individuals or organizations such emails are intended only for the use of the addressee(s). All information contained in emails is considered and should be treated as private and strictly confidential. It should not be reviewed, duplicated, released or distributed by or to any other person or party without the express written consent of either Bennett Insurance Agency Ltd. and/or the addressee(s).